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advantages of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are the new trend in the beauty industry.

Instead of applying and removing mascara every day or struggling with false lashes, you can enjoy big, beautiful lashes after your service at PERFECT LASHES.


One of the biggest benefits of choosing eyelash extensions is that you won't have to wake up early every morning to curl your lashes or apply eye makeup.


Fabulous, natural and glamorous lashes are always a trend.

Eyelash extensions should feel natural and weightless, be water resistant and look after the health of your natural lashes.



  • You can choose the color, length and curl you want, so...

  • You don't have to curl, perm or tint your eyelashes.

  • It is time saving  in your daily beauty routine

  • You don't need to use mascara or curler

  • Feels and looks natural

  • They are weightless and protects your natural eyelashes

  • Extensions are resistant to water (after 48 hours)

  • Relaxing and comfortable procedure



Eyelash Extensions are perfect for thin natural lashes that need volume and fullness, shorter natural lashes that need length or straight natural lashes that require curl to lift and frame your look.

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